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During the last decade, SMICON gained vast knowledge about the necessity of delivering new technologies, that will help to reduce the carbon footprint within critical sectors like Oil & Gas.


Derived from our main focus, SMICON has developed procedures and installed new technolgies, that can help to preserve ecosystems and use power from natural ressources … as part of our main areas within the Oil- / Gas- / Governmental infrastructure.


The use of Solar Energy as application for the Critical Infrastructure Protection is only one example.


E.g. having a Longrange CCTV System in the Middle of the desert, where the is no infrastructure (= Power, Fibre, Telecom) is an example, of how two scenarios can be combined and the existing ecosystem can remained untouched (= no civil works, no power infrastrucure etc.).


Also the Management of Hazadouse Waste, resulting from the processes within the Oil refineries are a key component in the SMICON Toolset.


Mainly working with technology “Made in Germany”, we can deliver worldclass solutions, tailored to our clients needs.


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