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SMICON was founded in 2003 to secure optimal Sales- and Supply Chain-Processes and Cultural Relevant Services, as well as providing a general consulting function in Sales, Project Management, Training and International Networking to the highest possible industry standards.


Operating out of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SMICON is known for the “German” way of delivering high quality Services with focus on Global Sourcing, Business Development Management, and Key Supplier Management for Middle Eastern, Asian, and Eastern European Countries and well as Connecting “Key Players” across Sectors and Continents.


MADE IN GERMANY, EXECUTED WORLDWIDE” … this is, how SMICON can be best transcribed.


In 2009 SMICON acquired Germany-based istratex GmbH.
istratex GmbH is a Defence- and Security-focussed Consulting Specialist with existing customers and partners in Defence, Law Enforcement and Commercial- / Governmental Security Agencies.
With the Aquisition of istratex, SMICON was strenghtening its position as leading Consulting- and Project Management Specialist in the Middle East, focussing on the regions leading sectors: Engineering, Energy + Renewable Energy and Defence/Security.

History of Smicon