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SMICON helps by the preparation of crisis scenarios and also prepares concrete counter-measures from previously validated risks.


For example: we develop possible reaction measures for businesses with foreign subsidiaries with no previous areas of friction. Additionally, SMICON undertakes the consulting roll of a negotiator for important business or vendor transactions as well as by the development of new markets and in account management, particularly in regions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


SMICON takes on the task of Global Sourcing and Key Supplier Management, offers long-proven knowledge in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Optimization and IT in a global setting.


SMICON prepares detailed risk scenarios using information gathered via as-is analysis conducted by industry speicalists. Risk scenarios are of varying nature, making an investigation of current issues advantageous. Results may eliminate potential hazzards, and respectively help to understand validated worst-case situations, identify their counter measures, including quantification.


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